Fast Food for Cat People

Burger Thing

Left Brain
Fast Food for Cat People
84004-4. Cassette 10.00

For the songs on this album, the band dug through their closets and attics. Most of the songs were written in the early 1980s, and all of them are farther out in left field than you’d expect from Left Brain. (Just read the song titles and you’ll know what I mean!) Every song is a classic, but “Bonnie B. Roccoli & the Spinach Beast,” Paul Nordquist’s nod to T. Rex, is a real throwback. And no, “Red Lobster Sect” does not have anything to do with Blue Oyster Cult. The similarity of names is nothing more than an amazing coincidence.

58 minutes
Principal performers
Paul Nordquist: vocals, keyboards, drums, sax
Amy Guskin: vocals, guitars, keyboards, trumpet
Additional performers
Paul V. Patanella: backing vocals, trombone
Cynthia Way: flute
Michele Abrams: violoncello
Paul Nordquist
Paul Nordquist, Amy Guskin, Paul V. Patanella
Cover painting
Vance Lehmkuhl


  1. The Artist’s Perspective
  2. Invasion
  3. Sphynx
  4. Sectarian Strife
  5. Sublet
  6. Fountain of Truth
  7. God’s New Car
  8. Head Off
  9. Cat Food
  10. No More Mastadon Sandwiches
  11. Bonnie B. Roccoli & the Spinach Beast
  12. Sleeping Through the Alarms
  13. Let’s Go to the Moon
  14. Red Lobster Sect