Professional SAS Programming Secrets


Rick Aster
Professional SAS Programming Secrets
June 10, 2014
20. Paperback 59.00
ISBN 978-1-891957-20-8

This is it! The classic that blew the doors open on the SAS programming field in 1991 — now thoroughly revised and updated for a network-connected world.

To millions of programmers working in forecasting, marketing, fraud detection, epidemiology, and dozens of other fields, SAS is the ultimate tool for working with data. The data-oriented approach of the SAS programming language, though, requires a different programming style than you might be used to in a structured or object-oriented environment. Professional SAS Programming Secrets navigates through the unique requirements and capabilities that come with programming in SAS, revealing key distinctions, strategies, and tips that anyone can use to deliver professional-quality results in SAS.

Two decades ago in the first edition of Professional SAS Programming Secrets, Rick Aster persuaded the world that SAS and professional computer programming practices belong together. The revised and updated 4th edition shows that SAS is still an essential part of an increasingly connected computing world.

  • 1. SAS Does What You Tell It
  • 2. First, Know the Data
  • 3. It’s the Same As Any Language
  • 4. One Step at a Time
  • 5. Behind the Scenes
  • 6. Programs Make Decisions
  • 7. A File Is Nothing But Fields
  • 8. If You Can Express It, SAS Can Compute It
  • 9. With a SAS Data Set, You Can Go Anywhere
  • 10. All Groups Are Treated Equally
  • 11. Two Data Types Are All You Need
  • 12. Select and Analyze
  • 13. Macros Make Big Decisions
  • 14. SAS Output Is Ready for the World
  • 15. Use What You Know
  • 16. Know Where You Are
  • 17. Ready to Go
  • 18. Simple Is Efficient

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