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Balboa, Rocky

see Rocky.


a young deer, the lead character in a motion picture of the same name.


a large fuzzy cheerful purple dinosaur puppet character, from a television series of the same name; identified with banal children's music and entertainment.


associated with Batman: same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.


a crime-fighting superhero, noted for the use of technological devices; from a comic book series.


Batman. the distinctive automobile of Batman; considered as modern and gimmicky in a 20th-century kind of way.


Batman. Batman's telephone hotline.


Star Trek. transport: Beam me up, Scotty. There’s no intelligent life down here.

Beavis and Butt-Head

two boys personifying the stereotype of the mindless MTV viewer, noted for limited abilities and ambition, disrespect for practically everything, finding jokes in any situation, poverty, and the absence of adult supervision; from an animated television series of the same name.


a prehistoric town, setting of The Flintstones.

Beverly Hillbillies

a situation comedy depicting, in an exaggerated way, the adjustment of a rural family to life as millionaires in Beverly Hills.

Big Brother

1984. the government, considered as an institution of power with the ability to collect detailed information about a person's ordinary activities and use that information to control people: Big Brother is watching.

Black Beauty

a black Arabian horse; from a novel and motion picture.

Blob, the

a large amoeba-like movie monster of no particular shape, capable of destroying things by absorbing them; a vaguely understood threat that becomes more powerful as a result of being ignored; from a 1958 motion picture of the same name.

Blue Lagoon, The

a motion picture, a story of a girl and a boy stranded on an uninhabited tropical island, growing into adulthood without any guidance from others.

Bond, James

a British spy noted for an understated style, gadgets, an extraordinary ability to infiltrate and escape, and casual sex; a series of novels by Ian Fleming and subsequent motion pictures: The name is Bond. James Bond. Bond girl, an attractive, often minimally dressed woman, usually a spy, who is James Bond's love interest in a motion picture.

Boop, Betty

a cartoon character, considered to represent an exaggerated giggly feminine style.


signature phrase of Betty Boop.

Build it, and they will come.

Field of Dreams. an admonition to first create a facility (in the motion picture, a baseball field) with the assurance that the necessary people (baseball players) will then come along.