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Blondie. a tall sandwich with many layers and ingredients.

Daily Planet

Superman. the newspaper where Clark Kent and Lois Lane work as reporters.

Death Star

Star Wars. an extraordinarily large spacecraft, the command ship of Darth Vader; something especially large, powerful, dangerous, and oppressive.

Dirty Dancing

a choreographed partner dance style that hints at the positions and movements of sexual intercourse; from a motion picture of the same name.


Simpsons. an expression of surprise and dismay; a characteristic expression of Homer Simpson.


1984. extremely; to an unusual extent: doubleplus ungood.

Dr. Doolittle

a veterinarian with the ability to talk to animals and an acute appreciation for the importance of animals; from a motion picture of the same name.

Dr. Evil

Austin Powers. an evil business executive intent on increasing his own power and controlling the world; noted for an abusive personal style and ruthless disregard for others.

Debbie Does Dallas

a motion picture, considered as a story of a woman who has an unusual degree of enthusiasm for sex.


Simpsons. a brand of beer popular in Springfield; considered as an example of a local beer with no particular redeeming qualities.