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1. human, as distinct from people originating on other planets.

2. a resident of Earth.


a live reality television show purporting to show the ordinary life of an ordinary person, but turning out to be something quite different because of the power of live television; from a 1999 motion picture of the same name.


Pooh. a donkey, noted for his gloomy disposition and pessimistic outlook.

Emerald City

Oz. the primary city of Oz, a city in which seemingly everything is made of green materials; sometimes identified with wealth, pretense, and the social dominance of powerful people. also, Emerald City of Oz.


Middle-Earth. one of a treelike people living in the forests east of the central Misty Mountains.


the name given to an extraterrestrial person temporarily stranded on Earth and rescued by several school-age children; from the motion picture E.T.: the Extraterrestrial.