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Xena. the wife of Lao-Tsu and the author of the works attributed to him.


a dog noted for rescuing people; lead character of the television series of the same name.

lasso of truth

Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman's magical lasso which would impel a person she caught in it to divulge secrets.

light saber

Star Wars. an energy sword, the primary Jedi fighting weapon.


Gulliver’s Travels. a miniature people, similar in size to the fingertip of an ordinary person; may also describe an arrangement of miniature items too small for a person to use. Lilliput, the land of the Lilliputians.

live long and prosper

Star Trek. fare well; a ritual departure saying among Vulcans.

Lost in Space

a television series of a spacecraft traveling aimlesly from planet to planet.

Love Boat

a television series based on a cruise ship with numerous short romantic story lines.


the Moon.