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in reality, a nearby planet, Earthlike except for cold temperatures, thin atmosphere, scarcity of water, and no obvious life; in fiction, sometimes a planet of swamps, canals, civilization, extinct civilization, human settlements, breathable air, a red sky, agriculture, mining, and Martians of varying descriptions. Martians, people native to Mars, variously depicted, sometimes as a hostile invading army attempting to conquer or destroy Earth, sometimes as skinny people who are so different from humans that they are difficult to understand. from Mars, behaving in ways that are impossible to understand: She looked ordinary enough at first, but Patti turned out to be the girlfriend from Mars.

may the force be with you

Star Wars. fare well; a ritual departure saying among Jedi.

Melrose Place

a television series about young adults sharing a house.

Men in Black

a law enforcement agency charged with protecting against alien activities, whose agents wear black suits and sunglasses and have technology to make people forget events they have seen; from a series of motion pictures of the same name.


Superman. the city where Superman lives and works; considered as an undifferentiated major U.S. city.


the location of the novels of J.R.R. Tolkein, including Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.


Austin Powers. a half-size clone of Dr. Evil.

Missed it by that much!

Get Smart. A goal was not achieved because of errors or omissions that are imagined to be minor.

Miss Piggy

Muppets. a pig puppet character noted for self-importance, fickleness, and the ironic contrast between her exaggerated feminine style and crude manners.

Misty Mountains

Middle-Earth. a tall mountain range that bisects Middle-Earth, separating the mostly wild lands to the east from the mostly agrarian lands to the west.

Moby Dick

a novel of a sea captain's obsessive hunt for a specific whale.


Middle-Earth. a land in the southeast corner of Middle-Earth, surrounded by mountains, dominated by forces of evil.


a goofy but otherwise inconspicuous space alien; from the television series Mork & Mindy. also, Mork from Ork.

Mount Doom

Middle-Earth. an active volcano in Mordor; the only place with the concentration of heat required to destroy the Great Ring.

Mr. Ed

Mr. Ed. a talking horse with a dry observational style.


Harry Potter. a person who lacks a knowledge of and respect for magic.