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Odd Couple, The

a television series, the story of two men sharing an apartment and the clashes caused by their wildly divergent lifestyles and priorities.

On the Beach

a novel, the story of a brief nuclear war and the small group of surviving humans awaiting their inevitable death from radiation clouds that have already covered the rest of the planet.


denoting the potential for institutions and social conventions to result in actions far worse than anything separate individuals would be capable of, sometimes combined with a concentration of power to take away much of what is good in society; a reference to the novels of George Orwell.

Oscar the Grouch

Sesame Street. a puppet character noted for a surly and pessimistic disposition and for living in a garbage can.


Oz. a magical land surrounded by water and desert; sometimes identified with Australia; from the Oz series of novels by L. Frank Baum, starting with The Wizard of Oz and The Land of Oz.