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a geometric video game character from a game of the same name in which points are scored by eating objects and other characters and a successful strategy involves eating as much as possible as fast as the game permits; sometimes compared to the actions of large corporations in acquiring other companies.

Peter Pan

a boy, often described as “the boy who never grew up”; from a novel of the same name.


Star Treka weapon that directs energy in a narrowly focused beam; typically hand-held or mounted on a spacecraft; capable of heating, stunning, killing, or annihilating a target; the primary weapons technology of the Federation.

Play it again, Sam.

repeat a previously common activity. A variation of the line, “Play it, Sam,” in the motion picture Casablanca.


a bear, noted for an affinity for honey and a tendency to get stuck in narrow places; from a series of novels. also, Pooh Bear, Winnie the Pooh. Pooh Corner, Pooh's place of residence.


Asimov robots. operating by the movement of positrons through electrical circuits.

Power Puff Girls

a group of crime-fighting superheroes; noted for the ease with which they combine their ordinary lives as girls with their superhero activities; an animated television series.

Prime Directive

Star Trek. a Starfleet rule that prohibits interference in the affairs of more primitive civilizations.