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Raven, The

a poem by Edgar Allen Poe about a gloomy intruding raven that says “nevermore” repeatedly.

ray gun

a weapon that directs damaging coherent energy in a specific direction.

red sky

the fictional Martian sky, which was thought to be red until robot ships landed there and found that the sky there is the same color as the sky on Earth.

reindeer games

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” the social activities from which Rudolph was excluded because of his unusual appearance; subsequently identified with secret or controversial activities in the Arctic region.

Ring of Power

Lord of the Rings. Great Ring.


a boxer; considered as a symbol of determination and perseverence; a series of motion pictures. also, Rocky Balboa.


a thinking, working machine or android. The original robots in R.U.R. were biologically generated humanoid factory workers who rebelled and destroyed human civilization. However, the current fictional idea of a robot derives mainly from Isaac Asimov's robot stories, in which robots are machines, usually in human form, which are useful and are usually harmless because of safeguards in their programming. Robots in real-life industrial use are machines that recognize and act on objects and are not made in humanoid form. The Three Laws of Robotics, directives in the programming of robots that prevent violence by robots and direct them to protect people as their first priority, from Isaac Asimov's robot stories.


an especially fast and violent team sport; from a novel and motion picture.


a young male lover whose romantic enthusiasm exceeds his common sense; see Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet

young lovers who die tragically because their romantic feelings render them unable to perceive the social dangers surrounding them; often considered to represent the irresistable power of romantic love; also the name of the play by William Shakespeare featuring these characters.

Rosencranz and Guildenstern

Hamlet. two former friends of Hamlet who are hired by Hamlet’s parents to arrange his assassination, but who mistakenly end up being assassinated instead.

Rossum's Universal Robots

R.U.R. the manufacturer of biological robots for factory work.


a reindeer whose bright red nose made him unpopular until he used it to guide Santa’s sleigh through foggy weather; from the song “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

Rules of Acquisition

Star Trek. a Ferengi document codifying principles to guide one’s behavior toward profit and wealth.