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Sawyer, Tom

a boy who uses his natural sales ability to gain advantage; from a Mark Twain story.


a sketch-comedy television series.

Shire, the

Middle-Earth. land of the hobbits, a peaceful area of small farms.

shoe phone

Get Smart. a supposedly secret telephone hidden in Maxwell Smart’s shoe.

slip-sliding away

moving gradually out of reach or control or becoming less and less attainable; the title of a Paul Simon song.

Smart, Maxwell

Get Smart. a bumbling secret agent noted for impractical high-tech devices and limited awareness of his surroundings.


the sun.


an Italian-American organized crime family; from the television series The Sopranos.

Sorry about that, Chief.

Get Smart. Maxwell Smart’s apology for something that was not done or something done incorrectly because of an inexplicable blunder, which he imagines to be unimportant.

sour grapes

disparagement of something one is unable to attain; a reference to the fable “The Fox and the Grapes,” in which a fox who cannot reach some grapes growing on a vine imagines that the grapes are sour.

South Park

a town in Colorado noted for its isolation, dearth of culture, and extreme winter weather; from a cartoon television series of the same name, which depicts children whose activities and problems are mostly overlooked by adults and who frequently use foul language.


Often slang. a person who lives in space, usually in orbit around a planet. Compare Groundhog.


1984. specialized, often misleading style of speaking or vocabulary: Earthspeak; grokspeak; doublespeak.

Speed Racer

a young race car driver noted for driving especially fast and for overcoming competitors’ attempts at sabotage; from an animated television series of the same name.


a superhero whose super-powers occurred after he was bit by a radioactive spider; noted for superhuman strength, enhanced senses, and the tendency to swing between buildings on sticky threads that resemble spider threads.


Spiderman's additional sense that tingles when something significant or problematic is happening nearby.

Spinal Tap

a blundering rock band that embodies countless rock cliches, whose persistence has yielded intermittent success over a period of decades; introduced in the motion picture This Is Spinal Tap.


Star Trek. the half-Vulcan science officer of the starship Enterprise, a symbol of the dispassionate, logical approach to problems.


the fictional location of The Simpsons, considered to be a typical American town.

Springtime for Hitler

The Producers. a musical play created with the worst available artistic and personnel decisions with the intention of losing money, which because of its interesting and unique qualities threatens to become profitable.

Stalag 13

the ineptly managed Nazi prison camp in Germany from which several Allied prisoners conducted covert operations in the television series Hogan's Heroes.


a large high-speed interstellar spacecraft.


Star Trek. the interstellar military organization of the United Federation of Planets, operating a vast fleet of starships; noted for its ethics and technology. Starfleet Academy, Starfleet’s primary military academy, in San Francisco.


Star Trek. the shortcuts through space that make near-instantaneous radio commnications possible.


an exaggerated long word, the mastery of which is supposed to be a measure of intellectual capacity.


a superhero whose superpowers include flying, great strength, and sensory abilities; from a comic book series; named after a philosophical concept; sometimes considered to represent an innate desire for extreme masculine power; sometimes considered to represent U.S. imperialism. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman!! progressive attempts to identify a flying object.