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Earth. Terran, human or from Earth.

that’s the ticket

Saturday Night Live. that would be a plausible falsehood, consistent with my preceding sequence of falsehoods; characteristic saying of a pathological liar character; often preceded by yeah: I'm late because . . . I had a run-in with a . . . a big dinosaur, yeah, that’s the ticket.


1984. way of thinking that avoids the reality of a situation or of life in general: groupthink.

Thought Police

1984. The law enforcement body responsible for identifying and apprehending people who have prohibited thoughts.

Three’s Company

a television series identified with the controversies of three people, not all of the same sex, sharing an apartment.

time travel

the ability to go into the past or the future; sometimes undertaken to remedy mistakes of the past, to gain knowledge of the future, or to escape present circumstances. time travel machine, a machine that makes time travel possible.

time warp

an anomoly in space time that generates time travel at a specific location, either artificially or as a natural occurrence.

Tony the Tiger

a cartoon tiger noted for his cheerful enthusiasm and catch phrase “They're grrrreat!”; from advertising for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes breakfast cereal.


Star Trek. to convert matter to energy, transmit it to another location, and rematerialize it there; typically used for travel between ships or between a planet and a ship in orbit.


Star Trek. a device that transports people and cargo.


Star Trek. a small, round, cuddly creature that is considered a pest because it is capable of extraordinarily rapid reproduction in the presence of food.


Star Trek. an energy recording device sensitive to many different forms of energy; typically used to get a general sense of unfamiliar surroundings and for medical examinations.

Twilight Zone

a state in which the familiar bounds of possibility cannot be relied upon, and abstract or metaphorical things might be real; from a television series of the same name: Are we in the Twilight Zone?