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Waiting for Godot

a play about waiting indefinitely for an unspecified future event.

War and Peace

a novel; used as an example of an especially long book or to suggest the effort and perseverence of a reader who succeeds in reading an entire story of this length.


Star Trek. the bending of space that permits faster-than-light travel. warp speed, at of faster than the speed of light; faster than would be physically possible in the ordinary understanding of space; happening extraordinarily quickly: cleaning the kitchen at warp speed. warp drive, the technology or energy flow that moves a spacecraft at warp speed. warp engine, an engine that warps space to provide faster-than-light travel.

Wayne’s World

Saturday Night Live. a low-budget public-access cable television show that relies primarily on the force of personality of its hosts, Wayne and Garth, for its entertainment value; origin of the style of top 10 list in which items are ranked according to merit or importance and are shown and read in increasing order of importance, from number 10 to number 1.

Winnie the Pooh

see Pooh.


a music radio station, noted for the typical foibles of the broadcasting industry; from the television series WKRP in Cincinnati.

Wonder Woman

a crime-fighting superhero; from a comic book series of the same name.


Star Wars. one of a furry people whose language consists largely of grunts, growls, and similar sounds.