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August 12, 2011

Professional SAS Programmer’s Pocket Reference: A Small Book for Working With Big Data

“Big analytics” is one of the themes of SAS 9.3, released one month ago on July 12. SAS was always noted for its ability to process large-scale data, and SAS 9.3 adds new capabilities to make it more nimble in getting results from the “big data” that businesses increasingly rely on for a competitive edge.

Author Rick Aster has responded to this theme of a nimble approach to big data — and to the new features in SAS — with Professional SAS Programmer’s Pocket Reference, 6th edition. This new edition of Aster’s popular compact reference guide for SAS is updated with the new features of SAS 9.3. At the same time, it is almost 20% lighter than the previous edition, in spite of having the same number of pages and the same amount of content as before. The lighter weight, made possible by improved paper and design, is an advantage for SAS professionals who increasingly find themselves going from one place to another in the course of their work in SAS.

The new 6th edition of Professional SAS Programmer’s Pocket Reference covers new features in SAS 9.3 that have to do with big data, such as the EXTENDOBSCOUNTER option that makes it easier to manage files that have more than 2 billion records.

The book also covers new SAS 9.3 features that allow a more modular approach to programming, easier internationalization for programs that are used in multiple countries, and new ways to use SAS on the Internet.

Publisher Breakfast Books hopes to have the new book ready for September 12, when the first of the fall SAS conferences gets underway.

SAS, published by SAS Institute Inc. of Cary, NC, is integrated software for working with data. More than 3 million people around the world work with SAS, about half of them in the United States.

Rick Aster’s other books include Professional SAS Programming Secrets and Professional SAS Programming Shortcuts.


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