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January 1 2013

Professional SAS Programming Secrets Gets New Look

Professional SAS Programming Secrets, one of the oldest books in SAS programming, gets a new look in 2013 with the new 4th edition.

For this edition author Rick Aster added the latest SAS features, which include the ability for users to add function-style programming logic to a format.

The new edition also has a new look, with a cover that features a surreal photograph. The cover photograph shows a nighttime view of Earth, taken from the Black Marble images released by NASA in 2012. In an artistic statement, though, the planet is shown against a white background and covered with a scarf.

According to the author the picture symbolizes “the world of information waiting to be uncovered by those who gain the skill of SAS programming.”

The new edition is estimated to be ready for release June 25, 2013.

SAS, published by SAS Institute Inc. of Cary, NC, is integrated software for working with data. An estimated 3 million people around the world work with SAS.

Rick Aster’s other books include Professional SAS Programmer’s Pocket Reference and Professional SAS Programming Shortcuts.

book cover
The cover of Professional SAS Programming Secrets, 4th edition.


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