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February 23, 2016

Book Focuses on SAS I/O Functions

There is a new book that may interest SAS developers. Routine SAS Low-Level I/O Programming is meant to help SAS developers work efficiently with parameter files, document files, and other miscellaneous types of files that a SAS application might use or create.

“This is the most specialized book I’ve ever published,” says author Rick Aster. “It’s not for the average SAS programmer at all — only for developers working on back-end pieces of big SAS projects. Most SAS programmers probably don’t even realize that SAS has low-level I/O functions, but for a few kinds of tasks, they’re essential.”

Aster’s new book will be the first of its kind, the first ever dedicated to the subject of programming with SAS I/O functions. Aster has written for application developers before, for example, in the 1992 book Professional SAS User Interfaces, but there, he had an emphasis on front-end components.

The low-level I/O functions in SAS allow programs to access both SAS data sets and external files. They provide the most granular access possible to the data contained in either type of file.

Routine SAS Low-Level I/O Programming will be released on March 22, 2016, simultaneously in paperback and electronic formats.

SAS is business intelligence software published by SAS Institute Inc. of Cary, NC, and used by an estimated 3 million people worldwide, especially in business, science, and government.

Rick Aster has been writing books on SAS programming since 1988. His other books include Routine SAS SQL and Professional SAS Programming Secrets.

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